I am Suhas Anand. Born in Kerala, southern part of India. Have lived / worked / toured over 40 countries. My favorites remains India, many countries in East/Central Africa and Norway & Iceland. I live across many cities with my family based out of Dubai. I live across Dubai, Bengaluru, parts of Kerala, France etc.

I shoot with Canon system, starting during the film era with EOS 66 sometime in 2002. Over the last couple of decades I have been lucky to shoot in some of the most beautiful places in our planet. That has also meant a huge carbon footprint that I try to reduce by planting as many trees as possible

I love nature (that I guess is obvious) and try to push for a sustainable way of life. I am India Head of a Paris based company that helps companies to build a sustainable planet. Outside of nature and travel photography, I love blogging about history, mythology, conservation and farming.

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